Massage Therapy for Pregnancy

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A photo essay with our R.M.T. colleague & client, Gina. Photographs by Sherrie Kuehlein at

Meet our Pregnant Client: Gina

[Our pregnant client, Gina.]

As well as being pregnant, Gina is also one of our R.M.T. Colleagues

Comfort & Safety

One of the most important elements of receiving Massage Therapy is that our clients feel safe, comfortable, nurtured, and well cared for.

We treat pregnant clients in side-lying and semi-reclining positions.

We do not use or recommend pregnancy tables or pillowing.

Clients are appropriately draped throughout their session.

We confer with each client to determine their Health History, and what their goals are for the session.

The Joys of Back Massage!

[Back massage.]

From a sidelying position, the client can experience back and neck massage, arm and leg treatments, and if interested an abdominal massage which is calming and soothing for both mother and baby.

Depth of pressure is determined in consultation with each client.

Easing some of the discomforts of pregnancy

[Easing discomforts.]

For many pregnant women, fatigue, swelling, and achy muscles can be the result of their normal pregnancy experience.

Massage Therapy is a wonderful therapy for relaxing muscles and helping to ease the edema (swelling) which is commonly experienced in feet and hands.

Your comfort is most important

[Your comfort.]

Whatever area(s) the pregnant client identifies as needing Massage Therapy we aim to provide the most comfortable environment possible.

Our beautiful clinic space provides a friendly, nurturing, quiet, and very clean environment. We want you to feel like you could stay with us forever!

Drifting off into calm


Many clients find that finishing their treatment with a head, neck, & shoulder massage is the most sublime element of their relaxation.

Learning to relax is not only important during pregnancy but is also a powerful tool for creating a positive birthing experience.

Massaging You & Your Baby

[Abdominal massage.]

Many pregnant women want to experience an abdominal massage while they are carrying their baby. Tummy massage should occur with gentle but effective Massage Therapy strokes. A chance to find a quiet time to tune into your baby and feel the joy of connecting with your baby!

And should you decide that abdominal massage is not for you, that’s o.k. too!